Diesel Leasing Resurgent, Bucking Falling Sales Trend

Diesel Leasing Resurgent, Bucking Falling Sales Trend

A survey shows despite sales of diesel-powered vehicles continuing to fall, inquiries to lease such vehicles are actually increasing.

Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show just 707,702 of them have been sold in the UK in 2018 so far, a dramatic fall from the 1,008,323 sales recorded in the same period last year. Despite this, research carried out for Vantage Leasing shows lease inquiries for the vehicles are up 13% from 2017, making them the most popular choice for prospective vehicle leasees.

The company suggests this may be because responsibility for a diesel vehicle’s poor environmental performance and high emissions rate, which are perceived by some as disincentivizing purchases of the vehicles, is transferred to the lessor when it is leased. It found the Range Rover Evoque and Jaguar E-PACE were two of the most popular diesel vehicles among leasees.

Vantage Leasing’s James Buttrick said: “Diesels have proved extremely popular with drivers over the last decade or so, but given the concerns over their environmental performance, potential emission charges, and falling residuals, sales of new diesels have fallen dramatically … however, as our latest research shows, many motorists are still keen to benefit from the performance of a diesel vehicle but are looking to leasing as a way of avoiding any falling residual prices”.

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