Detroit EV Builder Reveals First Two Trucks

A Detroit start-up automaker claims to have developed the world’s first electric off-road, and on-road, trucks albeit Rivian would probably contest that one.

The Bollinger B1 and B2 are four-door brutish-looking trucks which pack a lot of grunt under those squared-off angles. Both have dual motors, one on each axle for all-wheel-drive, generating 612bhp and 668ft-lbs of torque. The power comes from a 120kW battery, with a high/low range gearbox which should help with the off-road terrain these two are likely to encounter on a regular basis.

Towing capacity is 7,500lbs, while payload capacity tops out at 5,201lbs. A 0-60mph sprint time of 4.5 seconds is claimed, while top speed is estimated at 100mph. The B2 has a pickup bed and is the longer of the two, while the B1 is shaped like a regular 4×4.

The automaker has not said when the trucks will be available or for how much but they are available to reserve now for whenever deliveries begin.

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