Decisiv offers free Service Management Platform for fleets

Decisiv offers free Service Management Platform for fleets

FleetBasic is designed to support and promote communication between trucking companies and service locations.

The product enables fleets to create an electronic profile containing contact information, operational procedures and vehicle notes.

When their vehicles arrive at one of the 800+ service locations currently participating in the program, the fleet profile, together with all critical information about the truck and its owner are delivered as part of an information bundle designed to expedite the service experience in a far more efficient manner.

During a service event, the fleet is provided with time-stamped alerts and updates on any change in status of its vehicle, including updates to the estimate and expected completion time. The fleet is then able to communicate with the service location in real-time over the Decisiv FleetBasic web portal and approve or authorise any work to be performed.

Developed over a period of almost eight years, DSMP is currently in use by about one third of OE dealer service locations and distributor service facilities.

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