deCarta announces support for global OpenStreetMap content

deCarta announces support for global OpenStreetMap content

A product release that will support the complete coverage of OSM is scheduled for October 2009.

deCarta plans to make the product available for both server and client-side solutions. This includes self-hosted solutions using deCarta's Drill Down Server, deCarta's Hosted Web Services, PNDs and mobile phones.

Developers will also be able to quickly prototype and demonstrate location-enabled applications using OSM content through deCarta's Developer Zone

The initial product release is aimed at developers who want to develop map display, vehicle tracking, high-level routing and pedestrian navigation apps.

Future releases will include support for local search and turn-by-turn navigation based on availability and applicability of the OSM content.

deCarta will also expand geographic coverage and depth of features as the OSM data continues to expand and mature.

According to the stats on OSM's website, the number of registered OSM users more than tripled from approximately 50,000 to 160,000+ within the last twelve months. During the same period, more than a million GPS track points were uploaded by users. The data covers more than 23 million km of roads, making it the largest public domain mapping database.

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