Dash Navigation opens its platform to developers


Dash has also unveiled the first five partner-created DashApps1 that, from May 15th, will be accessible to Dash customers via the MyDash portal.

  • House hunting? The Coldwell Banker Home Search button allows Dash drivers to access real estate listings and property details from their vehicle and instantly create a route to them.
  • When and where is my meeting? The myFUNAMBOL Calendar button enables Dash Express users to access their electronic calendars (from virtually any source, e.g. Outlook, Yahoo! and Google), and route directly to any address listed.
  • What's that tune? Mediaguide's BakTrax Radio button provides Dash users with a list of the last three songs that played on their AM or FM radio stations.
  • Speed trap ahead? The Trapster® Find Traps Now button gives Dash Drivers access to Trapster's information about live speed traps and red light sensors. It also enables Dash Drivers to contribute speed trap information back to other Trapster users in their area.
  • Is it going to rain? WeatherBug's MyWeatherBug button provides Dash Drivers with up-to-the-second information about current and future weather conditions, from the largest, most precise weather network in the world.

"Since the beginning, Dash has been focused on unlocking all the great geo-located content on the Web, taking it off your computer and delivering it where you need it most – in the car," said Chris Butler, content development evangelist for Dash. "These early applications are just the beginning – the possibilities are endless."

1 Content provided by third party developers through Dash's dynamic API is not under the control of Dash and as such is not always guaranteed to be available.

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