Daimler Study Finds EVs, Shared Mobility Unpopular

Daimler Study Finds EVs, Shared Mobility Unpopular

A Daimler study has found very little appetite among German consumers for either electric vehicles or car-sharing schemes.

The automaker’s Smart marque joined forces with market research agency Forsa to survey German road users about their views on the issues. When asked whether they thought “electric mobility should be better promoted”, just 36% of respondents said they would. When asked whether they thought car-sharing schemes should be extended, that figure dropped to 27%.

1,200 people were surveyed for the study, 1,025 of whom were car owners. Of the car owners, 92% said they would not consider sharing a vehicle with strangers. Just 41% said they would feel comfortable sharing their vehicle with relatives, with that figure falling to 36% for neighbors. 25% said they would not share their car even in “an acute emergency”.

This runs counter to Daimler’s own statement on the research, which was keen to highlight how it showed the popularity of electric vehicles and car-sharing schemes. A Daimler spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment on the study.


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