Daimler Pledges Carbon-Neutrality by 2039

Daimler is promising it will be carbon neutral by 2039, some 11 years ahead of the European Union’s target.

Incoming chairman, Olla Källenius, outlined the company’s ‘Ambition2039’ strategy which will see the entire new passenger car fleet from Mercedes-Benz carbon neutral in two decades time. The German car manufacturer also plans to have half its total car sales made up of electrified models by 2030. It put its first BEV, the Mercedes EQC, on sale this year, and plans a further nine models on sale by 2022.

Beyond BEV, Källenius does not rule out focusing on hydrogen fuel cells or other alternative fuels at a later date, saying “no one knows for sure which drivetrain mix will best serve our customers’ needs 20 years from now.” Indeed, Källenius notes that hydrogen fuel cell technology which the company has developed in the GLC F-Cell SUV, will be used on its urban buses in the future.

Its newest production plant, Factory56 at Sindelfingen near Stuttgart, claims to be CO2-neutral and uses renewable energy. The company plans to have all its European manufacturing plants to be CO2-neutral by 2022 and will use renewable energy to power the factory building the EQC in Bremen, plus the battery plant in Kamenz, Saxony. Daimler is also investigating whether its supply chain can be carbon-neutral.

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