Daimler Buddies Up to Boost its Software Capability

Daimler hopes to accelerate its software capabilities by partnering with Indian digital specialist Infosys.

The automaker expects the partnership will enable it to deepen focus on software engineering and to establish a fully scalable on-demand digital IT infrastructure and anytime-anywhere workplace for its global operations. The collaboration will empower Daimler to strengthen its IT capabilities while Infosys broadens its automotive expertise.

Daimler will work towards a digital infrastructure model that ensures a robust IT system across its plants and regions, and supports consolidation of its data centers, scaling its IT operations and bringing innovations to the fore. Some of the key deliverables expected from this partnership include:

  • A smart hybrid cloud, employing Infosys Cobalt and leading cloud providers with a focus on open source adoption;
  • A carbon neutral solution, by consolidating and rationalizing data centers across all regions;
  • Standardized technology stack by bringing in an ecosystem of best of breed partners;
  • Creation of a Zero Trust network with seamless technology upgrades;
  • Persona-driven and cognitive, AI powered anytime-anywhere workplace solution that empowers the end-users.

As a part of this partnership, automotive IT infrastructure experts based out of Germany, Europe, the US and the APAC region will move from Daimler AG to Infosys. The transfer will also enable Infosys to bolster and grow its automotive business, while offering Daimler employees strong prospects for long-term career growth and development.

Jan Brecht, chief information officer, Daimler and Mercedes-Benz, said: “Software becomes modular and IT infrastructure becomes big. Daimler will take three steps at once to transform its IT infrastructure: consolidation, scaling and modernization. We need to think infrastructure beyond the size of our company. With Infosys we found a partner to scale, to innovate and to speed up. Moreover, this is a strategic partnership for Daimler’s IT capabilities and Infosys’ automotive expertise. Infosys wants to grow with us in the automotive industry, which gives career opportunities for our employees. With this partnership, Daimler also strengthens its overall technology investment and partnership strategy.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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