Cybit and Civica integrate vehicle tracking into fleet management software


Fleetstar will feed real-time vehicle mileage, location and other information directly into the Tranman fleet management system.

Integration between Tranman and Fleetstar will automate the process of capturing mileage and other information without the need to contact drivers or rely on fuel card data. This will enhance the scheduling of routine maintenance to reduce the burden on staff, lower costs and help retain the residual value of the vehicle.

The ability to capture and validate private mileage, in particular, will optimise the business processes for expenses claims, as well as P11d administration. Employers will be able to manage their 'Burden Of Proof' in relation to private use of company vans and support HMRC audits.

According to Richard Wainwright, product director at Civica, the constant availability of accurate mileage information enables proactive service management, which not only minimises cost, but also ensures that employees are driving safe vehicles.

"Administration can have a significant and negative impact on a business," says Wainwright. "Not only is there a direct cost, but it can also affect productivity, which has its own indirect costs. This new integration will enable companies to focus their resources more beneficially for their bottom lines."

Tranman fleet management software also enables fleet managers to monitor driver behaviour at all times to help them identify ‘at risk' drivers. With continuous monitoring and reporting of harsh acceleration, braking and journeys taken without appropriate breaks, organisations will be able to minimise the risks they face under duty of care legislation.

Fleetstar-Online is Cybit's scalable Internet-based telematics solution that features real-time vehicle tracking, exception reporting, replay mode, customised reports, mileage information, SMS messaging and live traffic information, with the data being transmitted to Cybit's online control centre in real-time.

Puja Pankhania, Telematics Update's event director for the Logistics & Fleet Management Systems event in Europe, says: "This partnership clearly indicates the market demand for seamless integration of systems in order to manage costs and boost efficiency. In an industry such as logistics, where many management systems work independently, deploying integration strategies to connect all aspects of the supply chain is the ultimate goal. In fact, the Logistics & Fleet Management Systems conference in Amsterdam next week will address these exact issues.

"With a host of renowned speakers from the logistics industry, including DHL, Schenker, Kuehne + Nagel, TNT and UPS, to name a few, the conference is a must-attend for fleet management systems providers to hear how their products need to develop into a compelling solution for this market."

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