Program Threatens Automakers’ Alleged CV Data Stranglehold

Program Threatens Automakers’ Alleged CV Data Stranglehold

A program that can enable vehicle owners and component makers to access a connected vehicle’s data will soon be unveiled.

The Auto Care Association (ACA) will host three separate demonstrations of the Secure Vehicle Interface (SVI) at the Automotive Aftermarket Products EXpo (AAPEX), in collaboration with its partners, Q-Free, Concepts & Services Solutions (CSC), OnBoard Security, Green Hills Software/Integrity Security Services (GHS/ISS), and CarMD/Innova.

The aim of the product is to allow drivers, parts makers, insurers and other elements of the automotive aftermarket direct access to connected vehicles’ data, which the ACA alleges is increasingly being hoarded and stored secretly by automakers. The demonstrations will respectively focus on the SVI’s “access to sensor and control networks for typical Data Trouble Codes (DTCs) or repair codes”, the system’s “Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) connectivity for estimated arrival time and traffic conditions”, and its ability to display “real-time vehicle data information alongside remote real-time diagnostics”.

ACA president and CEO Bill Hanvey said: “SVI is a collection of technical design standards that ensure vehicle data interfaces always enable safe, secure and standardized consumer access and control of the data their car generates”. CSC founder Gangolf Feiter claimed SVI would provide “a secure direct connection to vehicle network systems for certificate-based, authorized third parties, ensuring the integrity of the data being transmitted to properly complete vehicle maintenance and repair”.



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