Current Status of US Import Supply Chain and Recommended Actions

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Lauren Pittelli. Ms. Pittelli is the founder and Principal of Baker Logistics Consulting. Prior to starting Baker, Lauren held national and regional roles at leading freight forwarding firms where she managed international freight, customs and contract logistics activities. She is a graduate of Harvard College and a licensed U.S. Customs House Broker. An adjunct Professor, she teaches Global Logistics at the college and graduate level, speaks at industry events and frequently contributes to trade publications such as IndustryWeek.

In the 15-minute audio interview, Ms. Pittelli discusses these questions:

  • What is causing the delay in getting imported goods into factories and warehouses?
  • How has the supply chain bottleneck affected transportation pricing?
  • What’s being done to reduce congestion and delay?
  • What can importers and automotive industry manufacturers do to improve their situation?
  • Lastly, what’s the outlook like for next year?

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