CSR-SiRF: merger or rescue operation?

CSR-SiRF:  merger or rescue operation?

The CSR-SiRF merger might be seen as a bail-out for the troubled SiRF, considering that the company spent a lot of time last year cutting jobs and fighting in court against a ban on its chip imports.

In March last year, SiRF announced its intention to reduce its workforce by 7% and close its offices in Sweden and South San Francisco. The company announced another staff cut in July (7% – 9%) and yet anotherin December (25%), along with the consolidation of offices and a re-prioritising of the company's engineering projects.

SiRF also had its fair share of disputes over patent infringements, and although the company appealed a ban on the importation of all products containing SiRF GPS chips that infringed Broadcom patents, the International Trade Commission eventually upheld a "limited exclusion order", which effectively limited the exclusion to four customers.

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