CSR launches SiRFstarIV location-aware architecture

CSR launches SiRFstarIV location-aware architecture

CSR has also introduced its first SiRFstarIV-based product, the GSD4t receiver, which meets consumer demand for always-available geo-awareness on mobile phones and other space- and power-constrained devices.

The essence of the SiRFstarIV breakthrough is its ability to continually maintain "better-than-hot-start" conditions in the GPS receiver for fast location fixes without having to be kept fully turned on all the time and draining precious battery power.

According to David Sonnen, an analyst with International Data Corporation (IDC), SiRFstarIV's ability to operate in a mode in which the location function is always there, always available on demand, virtually anywhere – even in many indoors and obstructed environments – brings location in line with the way consumers and enterprises alike want to use location.

"Like turning on the tap and expecting water to come out, the GPS function is there the instant people want and need it. I view this as a very significant development for GPS technology that can enable a broader range of services," said Sonnen.

The SiRFstarIV architecture core is comprised of a high-performance GPS location engine, smart location sensor interface, adaptive micro-power manager and active jammer remover.

The GSD4t receiver provides navigation to -160 dBm, tracking to -163 dBm and excellent pass margins for E911 and 3GPP. It can maintain its full rated -160-dBm acquisition sensitivity without network assistance, and requires only 8 mW in 1-Hz TricklePower mode – two and a half times less than the industry benchmark SiRFstarIII.

SiRFstarIV GSD4t features such as active jamming removal, single-SAW design, an on-chip LNA, fail-safe I/O, integrated switchers, single supply voltage, simple RF matching and small size and packaging also make SiRF's GPS receivers easier for designers to use and integrate into their products.

The SiRF GSD4t host-based GPS receiver is available now in sample quantities, with production quantities planned for October.

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