Court decision hits SiRF’s GPS chip imports

Court decision hits SiRF’s GPS chip imports

The recommendation extends to all downstream products that incorporate those chips, including PNDs, PDAs, cell-phones, and GPS modules and receivers.

The Administrative Law Judge also recommended that the ITC enter a Cease & Desist Order prohibiting SiRF from engaging in certain activities related to the infringing chips.

The recommendation follows the finding earlier this month that SiRF infringes six GPS-related patents held by Broadcom subsidiary, Global Locate.

The decision comes on the heels of a June ruling by a separate ITC judge, who rejected SiRF's allegations that Broadcom had infringed two SiRF patents.

In addition to the infringement claims against SiRF in the ITC, Broadcom and Global Locate have sued SiRF in the US District Court in Santa Ana, California, in two different filings, with claims of infringement of four patents filed in January 2007 and claims of infringement relating to four additional patents, including patents covering SiRF's multimedia processors and GPS receivers, filed in May 2008.

The May lawsuit resulted after numerous attempts by Broadcom to resolve all patent disputes between Global Locate and SiRF, which previously sued Global Locate in both the ITC and US District Court.

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