‘Cost-Cutting’ Electric Van Enters Production

‘Cost-Cutting’ Electric Van Enters Production

An automotive tech company is developing an electric van that it claims can save fleet managers money.

Workhorse Group says its Workhorse NGEN-1000 van is now in production. It claims the vehicle weighs less than half of what a diesel step-van does (4000 lbs), but offers the same storage space (1000 cubic feet). Workhorse argues that its light-weighting of the vehicle, along with the fact that it can travel for 100 miles before its battery needs recharging, will offer efficiency savings to fleet managers that will make EVs “appealing” to them.

However, a van powered by an internal combustion engine would weigh as little or even less if subjected to a similar light-weighting exercise. Workhorse also claims the van’s “smaller battery pack” will reduce costs for consumers, something at least one major industry figure believes will be the deciding factor in any increased adoption of EVs.

CEO Stephen S Burns said: “With an off-the-lot cost on par with traditional fuel delivery vehicles, and substantial savings from there, we believe the NGEN will forever change the business of delivery as we know it”.



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