COSCON launches real-time GPS tracking in China

COSCON launches real-time GPS tracking in China

To date, the program is the first large-scale commercial GPS-based tracking system launched in China.

Sensor devices attached to COSCON containers will provide real-time data through Savi Network's GPS system.

In addition to providing real-time visibility of cargo location, sensor devices also report on the security status of the shipments as well as environmental conditions inside the container such as temperature and humidity.

The sensing capabilities provided by the GPS network give immediate alerts of cargo theft and damage, offering a higher level of security and product integrity.

Real-time, actionable data on the location and security of the container and its cargo will be available through a web-based application, enabling customers to view the actual route of shipments through automatically generated maps and perform exception management of the progress and security status of their shipments in real-time.

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