Cordless EV Chargers in Californian Parking Lots

Cordless EV Chargers in Californian Parking Lots

Hong Kong’s Lectrifi says it is in talks to trial its latest cordless EV charging pads in tech company parking lots across Silicon Valley.

The company claims to be talking to personnel and HR managers at a number of notable tech outfits in Northern California, a region known for being politically amenable to EVs. Lectrifi notes the comparatively high adoption levels of EVs among the region’s tech employees, and with this trial it says it hopes to achieve high rates of adoption of its own charging tech among them through “encouragement from employers”.

Lectrifi describes itself as primarily a maker of “wireless power transfer (WPT)” technology, and says it views the WPT sector as being “inextricably” connected with that of the EV sector, and it claims this is why it wants to enter the latter market with these charging pads.

If the managers consent, the company aims for the trial to work by interested EV-owning employees being given “a simple conversion kit that will enable their vehicle to tap the magnetic field of its charging pads and replenish depleted or partially-depleted power cells”. Lectrifi plans for these charging kits to be fitted out “with analytical software that will report on voltage flow to the power cells”.

The company’s chief marketing officer claimed it had “50 charging pads and conversion kits all of which can be customized to fit several popular models that rely on corded charging. The plan is to equip those vehicles with the kits and install the charging pads at the car parks for a three-month trial”.

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