CoPilot Live navigation guides HTC Touch Cruise users

CoPilot Live navigation guides HTC Touch Cruise users

The fully integrated solution also provides useful navigation-based services such as live local search and weather information via the phone's mobile Internet connection.

A customised version of CoPilot Live, complete with full street maps of a country or region, is preinstalled on the phone and seamlessly integrated with HTC's FootPrintsTM photo navigation application, which enables users to retrace their steps to the exact locations where they captured digital images.

CoPilot's walking routing and straight-line guidance helps pedestrians find their way around unfamiliar cities.

The Touch Cruise with CoPilot is supplied with an car kit, which automatically switches the phone to in-car mode, launching CoPilot's navigation display and prompting for a connection to a Bluetooth headset.

Additional navigation features include a pre-installed database of safety cameras with free-of charge location updates, and the ability to transfer CoPilot's street maps to a separate memory card.

HTC's Touch Cruise with CoPilot Live navigation will be available in certain European and worldwide regions including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Gulf Coast States of the Middle East, Australia and South Africa from Q1 2009. It will also be available via selected mobile operators in other regions.

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