Convergence and connectivity – the buzzwords for 2008-2009


"The digital in-car and mobile industries are headed towards convergence with consumer electronic devices leading the way. Making the devices safe to use without distracting from the primary driving task is key."

Fran Dance, telematics business development manager, BMW North America


"Electronic systems integration is essential for competitive advantage as all vehicle functions become increasingly electronic. Co-ordination of nomadic and integrated communications systems will become more predominant."

Steve Underwood, transportation & information systems planning director, Center for Automotive Research


"Portable navigation vendors will continue looking for ways to add value – through connectivity – to compete with mobile phone navigation solutions. Voice recognition will feature highly in the plans of most OEMs and aftermarket brands.Mobile video, struggling a bit in 2007, is suddenly hot with the advent of ATSC-M/H and its presumably ad-supported business model. Aftermarket solutions that don't require pulling the OEM entertainment unit will continue to take off as dealers become more familiar with these options.Data paths to the vehicle – 3G and up, Sirius/XM, HD Radio, ATSC-M/H – will continue opening doors for services. Sirius and XM will merge under market constraints placed by the FCC, but little practical impact, aside from pricing plans, will be felt until late 2009."

Michael Bergman, vice president of new digital technologies, Kenwood


"Wireless connectivity for a variety of navigation-capable devices will be the major theme. Real-time two-way communications will open a whole new market for location aware content and applications."

Clint Wheelock, vice president, ABI Research


"Rapid developments in positioning, broadband mobile communications, sensor platforms, sensor web enablement, spatial search and pervasive computing will fundamentally change the access to and use of location-based dataforin-car navigation.Openstandards-based GIS and geospatial web services will help deliver holistic solutionsfor the navigation industry by enabling ready integration of these location-relevant technologies."

Dr Suchith Anand, Centre for Geospatial Science, University of Nottingham


"The industry is moving fast to allow in-vehicle connectivity of personal audio devices and PNDs. USB and Bluetooth are the two key technologies to facilitate connectivity of personal audio devices. OEMs already offer Bluetooth and USB connectivity solutions and the aftermarket provides systems that enable integration of multiple devices into vehicle infotainment systems. More OEM and consumer electronics components will be available to give everyone to a level of in-vehicle connectivity."

Tony Kraatz, OEM account manager, Alpine Electronics America


"The three main trends will be convergence, openness and connectivity; solutions that combine all three will be the most successful."

DominiqueBonte, principal analyst,telematics & navigation, ABI Research


"We'll see a greater move to convergence of applications requiring wireless access into common sub-systems. Multiple stand-alone applications subsystems in cars such as navigation, telematics, and entertainment, either require or can be enhanced by the inclusion of wireless access. The down side is that this increases the cost for each separate sub-system, as each has its own wireless radio and subscription. There'll be a move towards convergence of these subsystems in an effort to reduce costs by sharing a common wireless access infrastructure in the vehicle."

Roger Dewey, president & CEO, Telit USA


"By end-2008, most OEMs will have finalised their Vehicle-Centric Information & Communication Technology (Vehicle ICT) strategies, while current market leaders will accelerate the development of new innovations. The focus in 2009 will be on defining new partnerships, roles and responsibilities and exploring mobile and Internet-centric business models."

Thilo Koslowski, vice president automotive & vehicle ICT, Manufacturing Industry Advisory Service, Gartner


"The direction is centralising on connecting customers' lifestyles to their vehicles, homes, families and friends.The in-vehicle experience will be an extension of this connected life style."

Clint Steiner, senior manager OEM sales, Garmin


"Further convergence of the 4Cs: Computer, Communication, Consumer electronics and Car, will make a world of Telematics 2.0, raising the level of rich user experiences tocreate a new generation of the industry."

Tsuguo Nobe, general manager, Nissan Motor Co

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