Continental develops intelligent “Ice Spy”

Continental develops intelligent “Ice Spy”

The system will warn drivers following behind an "Ice Spy" equipped vehicle of icy road conditions up ahead.

Mini-sensors measure the temperature and transmit this data to the onboard computer, which alerts the driver. The vehicle's telematics system itself becomes a sensor and informs drivers following behind.

Dr. Peter Kroll of the University of Karlsruhe commented: "Nowadays driver assist systems make a major contribution to reducing the number of traffic fatalities. Black ice detection is already possible today. It works by analysing variables relating to driving dynamics at a vehicle's momentary location. But the road conditions up ahead are, of course, of much greater interest."

He added that, in the future, car-to-car (C2C) systems would enable vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and with the traffic infrastructure, so a vehicle detecting black ice can alert the vehicle behind it.

The sensitive temperature sensor consists of, among other things, a head with sintered ceramics. A temperature change alters the electrical resistance of the material mix, and this new value is instantaneously transmitted to the onboard computer, which is networked to other vehicle systems such as the electronic stability control (ESC) system.

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