Continental Claims All-in-One BEV Axle Drive

Continental Claims All-in-One BEV Axle Drive

 German automotive technology company Continental claims to have developed the first all-in-one powered axle drive for BEVs.

This means that the electric motor, electronics and reduction gear are combined in a single housing, making the unit more compact, smaller and lighter, weighing just 176 poundsThe axle drive is offered in 120kW or 150kW versions, with the latter offering 228ft-lbs of torque, equivalent to a two liter turbo-diesel engine or similar to a 2016 Audi A3.

Thanks to the powertrain’s compact proportions, it can fit in a range of vehicle types, including hatchbacks and compact SUVs.  The manufacturer expects the axle to enter mass production later this year and be available for automakers to employs in the European and Asian markets.

Additionally, it will be used to power the solar-powered Sion from German automotive startup Sono Motors, which has solar panels integrated into its body, extending the vehicle’s range.

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