Consumer Mobility and Dealership Retail Trends: International Investment Opportunities

Sponsored Content’s latest Audio Interview features Brodie Cobb.  Mr. Cobb is Founder and CEO of San Francisco-based The Presidio Group, a private investment bank engaged primarily in mergers and acquisition and fund raising for automotive dealerships and auto retail services firms. The Presidio Group has collectively done 190 transactions worth more than $10 billion.

In the 16-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Cobb discusses these questions:

  • What trends is The Presidio Group seeing in consumer mobility as it relates to the auto retail sector that would present investment opportunities for international investors?
  • How specifically can international investors take advantage of these trends?
  • What is The Presidio Group doing related to the intersection of consumer mobility and auto retail?
  • How can auto retailers position themselves to capitalize on the future of consumer mobility where fleet vehicles rather than private cars may be the majority?
  • Are there opportunities for international investors in “disruptive” auto retail technologies?

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