Concept AV Unveiled in Taiwan

Concept AV Unveiled in Taiwan

A vehicle dubbed ‘Taiwan’s first ever concept AV’ has been unveiled at the Taiwan Automotive Technology Innovation Summit 2018.

The car is a collaboration between Acer, Taiwanese automaker Yulon, and Yulon’s HAITEC and Luxgen subsidiaries, which make cars and in-car electronics respectively. It is effectively a Luxgen S3 EV that incorporates Acer’s autonomous driving system. The companies claim it is capable of Level 4 autonomy.

HAITEC product engineering group II vice president Jung Kuei-Chen said: “With Acer, we’ve jointly unveiled Taiwan’s first self-driving concept car with ADAS, IoV (Internet of Vehicles) and autonomous driving technology. Integrating Acer’s expertise in AI and the cloud with HAITEC’s self-developed open vehicle platform, we’ve achieved so much through our cross-industry collaboration”.

Acer’s autonomous driving system covers perception, control and “decision-making”. It does this using data from cameras, LiDAR, deep learning, IMUs (inertial measurement units), radar and ultrasonic sensors. The system also uses cloud computing to enable fleet management for ride-hailing services.

Acer claims future versions of the system will be able to allow “multiple levels of autonomous driving”, and it says it intends “to open the platform to partners and developers to collaborate on next-generation self-driving services”.

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