Common Rail Pumps Upgrade Aiming to Extend Diesel Life

Powertrain specialists Delphi Technologies has announced it is to begin offering to diesel remanufacturing program helping to keep aging powertrains in service.

The program will offer automaker-approved common rail pump replacements for popular cars, light-commercial vehicles and middleweight trucks. The new pumps will be available for multiple vehicles makes, including Mercedes, Kia, Hyundai, PSA and SsangYong. This means diesel cars can be kept going for longer, increasing vehicle up time. It also decreases repair costs and time spent repairing the cars and in the garage.

As vehicles get older, the pump is the most likely thing to cause a breakdown. The cost of repair also rises with the vehicle’s age, meaning at some point, it becomes uneconomical to repair. However, Delphi claims its new pump can return cars to ‘as good as new’, while reducing repair costs and ensuring vehicles get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Despite the current dip in diesel fortunes, the powertrains are renowned for their longevity so it’s possible further aftermarket enhancements, such as retrofitted engine revisions to bring older vehicles up to modern-day emission standards, may be in the offing.

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