Colorado ZEV Program, Vehicle Electrification Plans Ordered

Colorado ZEV Program, Vehicle Electrification Plans Ordered

New Colorado Governor Jared Polis has issued an executive order mandating the support of electric vehicles and zero-emissions vehicles.

He has ordered the state’s Department of Transportation to develop a ZEV program that will “support widespread deployment … and expand mobility options” so as to reduce energy and congestion and “improve safety” on Colorado’s roads. The order claims Colorado is dutybound to adopt such a policy under section 177 of the Clean Air Act.

Polis also ordered nearly $70M in funds the state gained from Volkswagen’s settlement with the federal government for cheating its vehicle emissions data. His order purports to constitute of Colorado’s “transition to clean energy in the electricity sector”. His order flies in the face of evidence that EVs can be just as heavy polluters as cars powered by internal combustion engines under certain circumstances.

A statement from his office proudly highlighted Colorado’s $5,000 EV tax credits, something that has been claimed is key to increased adoption of such cars. It also boasted of the state’s private sector partnerships for rapid charging stations, declining to mention the corrosive effects on EV batteries that excessive rapid charging can have.

Polis claimed: “Our goal is to reach 100% renewable electricity by 2040 … today’s executive order will strengthen our economy and protect the wallets of consumers … as we continue to move towards a cleaner electric grid, the public health and environmental benefits of widespread transportation electrification will only increase”.

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