Climate Change Fears See Paris Car Ban

Paris officials have said that only ultra-low emissions vehicles will be allowed into the French capital today in an attempt to combat a heatwave smog threat.

While French health minister Agnès Buzyn described temperatures expected to reach 40°C as the “new normal”, Paris city officials have barred its roads to all but the least air polluting vehicles. This includes every car not in category 1 or 2 of the Crit’Air, meaning older vehicles registered before 2006, plus diesel-powered cars, vans and trucks.

The Crit’Air Vignette is a system where vehicles fall into one of six categories, each with a colored sticker signifying their category. All hydrogen and fully electric vehicles fall into the unnumbered ‘green’ grouping, while 1 and 2 have violet and yellow stickers. The other categories – 3, (orange), 4, (red) and 5 (grey) have been deemed to be too polluting for the heatwave.

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