Chip Maker Claims Improved Driver Image Clarity

Chip Maker Claims Improved Driver Image Clarity

A microprocessor maker has developed automotive sensors it claims provide driver monitoring images of unprecedented clarity by “eliminating unpredictable external effects such as sunlight”.

STMicroelectronics (STM) says the VG5661 and VG5761 sensors’ “image quality sharpens the responses of driver-monitoring systems, especially under near-infrared illumination close to 940 nanometers”. It also claims they can detect how alert the driver is and how comfortable the passengers are. STM says they are able to do this because their global shutter tech reduces the amount of power consumed by “illumination” such as street lights.

The company claims this means its sensors can monitor drivers more effectively and thus “reduce injuries and save lives”. It has used Jungo’s driver monitoring software to stage demonstrations of the sensors’ capabilities. STM differentiated imaging solutions business line director Aymeric Fuchet claimed the two companies’ collaboration “has shown how these sensors can enhance road safety and extend the performance of autonomous driving systems”.

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