Chinese e-Bikes Launched in Mobility Drive

EV manufacturer Segway-Ninebot has branched into the motorcycle and scooter market unveiling several new products in China.

Its launch in Beijing saw the debut of two smart scooters, Ninebot eMoped and Ninebot eScooter, along with two conceptual models, Ninebot eScooter T and Ninebot Apex. It claims the ‘smart’ side of the scooters sees them able to manage parallel connections, fast charging and state of health checks, providing more than 20 protection features for the battery, such as short circuit protection.

Aided by GPS, BDS and base stations, owners can track the bikes at any time, accurately detect the abnormalities and get instant messages to their phone. Naturally, both enjoy OTA software upgrades.

Ninebot eScooter’s range topper model is the E200P claiming a maximum speed of 62mph and a range of around 125 miles under dual-battery mode. The moped manages a top speed of 16mph and has three range variants topping out at 53 miles.

The company’s halo product will come in the shape of its Ninebot Apex which claims a top speed of 125 mph and acceleration from 0-37 mph within 2.9 seconds, making it the fastest product developed by Segway-Ninebot. “Not all devices connected to APPs are intelligent. Truly intelligent products should be easy to operate and even able to do the operations automatically”, commented Cid Wang, co-founder and president of Segway-Ninebot.

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_


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