Chinese City Pledges Huge BEV Taxi Fleet By Year End

A Chinese city has promised to field more than 6,000 BEV taxi cabs by the end of 2019.

Xi’an, the capital city of China’s Shaanxi province and home to the world renowned Terracotta Warriors, has begun its mission with the launch of 200 new BEV taxis as part of its green transportation program. By year end it says a total of 6,461 electrified taxis will be working its streets. Its fleet of dual-fuel vehicles will be phased out as the city aims to become China’s first zero emission ecological city.

The new lotus green electric taxis use high energy density, lithium-ion batteries with a claimed range of 250 miles. The batteries can receive a charge of up to 50KW and are compatible with the city’s existing infrastructure, allowing region-wide charging access. It says passengers will benefit from vehicles with larger luggage capacity with fuel tanks removed and drivers will see energy bills plummet thanks to cheap electricity supplies.

The program builds on the city’s existing push for clean air with more than 327 electric taxis on the streets in the past three years and 4,699 methanol fueled taxis serving residents from last winter. Wang Jian, director of the Xi’an Taxi Administration, said: “We aim to eradicate emissions and replace the scourge of pollution completely from the city and one major contributor to greenhouse emissions is traditional methods of transportation. The introduction of environmentally friendly policies and green travel into Xi’an is a fundamental requirement to protect our environment and create a better future, that we aim to achieve by the end of 2019.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_



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