16th January 2019

Telematics Maker Targets Car-Sharing Companies With Immobilization Tech

An Israeli telematics maker is targeting car-sharing companies with tech it claims enables them to “control and immobilize” vehicles, preventing “unauthorized driver[s]” from entering them. ERM Advanced Telematics is...


16th January 2019

Tesla Is Target & Prize in White Hat Hacker Contest

Hacking into a Tesla Model 3 can earn someone up to $250,000 in a Pwn2Own contest.


15th January 2019

Flaws in Schneider EV Chargers Could Allow Hackers to Take Control

Schneider Electric has issued a software patch to fix several security vulnerabilities in the company's EVlink Parking charging stations.


2nd January 2019

Hyundai Fingerprint Tech Claims Five-Fold Increased Security

Following the trend for mobile device technology gravitating into the auto world, Hyundai is claiming a world first in bringing fingerprint recognition into its range. It says its automotive...


24th December 2018

Autonomous & Connected Vehicles Must Be a Top Security Priority

A Frost & Sullivan report warns OEMs should make cybersecurity a top priority for self-driving cars, and start preparing for future threats now.


17th December 2018

2018: A Pivotal Year for Black Hat Cyber Attacks on Connected Cars

As 2018 comes to a close, a new report from Upstream Security finds that the number of cyber attacks against connected vehicles is increasing.


13th December 2018

Enabling Automakers to Deliver Customer Trust & Seamless User Experiences

Fabian Kuhn, Global Account Manager for automotive at G+D Mobile Security, explains the vital importance for automakers to deliver secure connectivity, performance and customer convenience.

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12th December 2018

BlackBerry Launches Security Credential Management System Designed for Smart Cities

BlackBerry is offering this new security management tool without service fees to automakers and public offices involved in smart city and connected vehicle pilots.


8th November 2018

Carmakers Must Stack Cyber-Security in Their Favor, Says Karamba

Cyber threats are one of the biggest dangers of connected and self-driving vehicles. The now-infamous Jeep hack revealed vulnerabilities that most, not even Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), knew existed....

By Louis Bedigian


1st November 2018

Ford Claims Robots Making New Vehicles Safer

Ford is claiming to have made its vehicles “safer than ever” by employing laser and robotics technology to carry out “automated hot-forming” on them. Hot-forming is the process by...


10th October 2018

Startup Upstream Looks at Data Flows to Secure Connected Cars

In order to better secure connected vehicles, Israeli startup Upstream focuses its attention on what's happening outside the car, and not the data inside.


27th September 2018

Uber Will Pay $148M to Settle 2016 Data Breach Case

Uber has agreed to pay authorities in California $148 million to settle the case that stemmed from a 2016 data breach that exposed the personal information of millions of...