27th June 2016

Weekly Brief: Smoke-and-mirrors act to turn Tesla into a green energy company

Imagine this: you go to buy a new electric vehicle (EV) and it comes with an optional solar panel for the roof of your home. That's the magical vision...


16th May 2016

Weekly Brief: Apple invests $1Bn in Uber’s Chinese rival

Apple is in. Those three words sent shock waves reverberating around the automotive world as news spread that the tech giant had invested $1Bn (£696M) in Didi Chuxing, the largest...


7th March 2016

Weekly Brief: A Google car crashes, world gasps, yet fuel-fumed Geneva Motor Show just smirks

All eyes should have been trained on Geneva Motor Show last week for the year’s premier European auto show; instead, a minor bump between a bus and a Google...


4th March 2016

It’s best not to get too hacked-off with cyber-security

Future cars may be smarter but that doesn't mean they will be less vulnerable to attacks that could disrupt or alter their operation. The Jeep Cherokee hack was a...


26th February 2016

Cyber threats go beyond the boundaries of vehicle control

Q: What are the top threats to cybersecurity in the automotive industry? “One is an industry focus on quality control rather than quality assurance. In general, quality control means...


8th January 2016

Exploring whether cybersecurity winds are set fair for over-the-air updates

Last year, cybersecurity was thrust into the spotlight when two major hacks exposed key weaknesses for automakers. The first was Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), who famously fell victim to...


8th January 2016

There’s no time to lose in locking hackers out of connected cars

“Your car is a giant computer – and it can be hacked,” blared the headline on CNN’s web site. That feels like lurid, sensationalistic sound-bite; surely in this advanced...


5th October 2015

Weekly Brief: Toyota brings first V2I and V2V tech to mass market

In this week’s Brief: Toyota, GM, Tesla, Audi, Ford, St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Lexus, INRIX, PSA Peugeot Citroën, ITS World Congress and Boston Consulting Group.   It’s about...


2nd July 2015

Carmakers fuelling the debate for hydrogen

Toyota claimed the highest mileage range for a zero emission vehicle car during tests of its Mirai hydrogen fuel cell in the US. It claims the new vehicle has...


20th March 2015

Electric Vehicles: Is There A Tipping Point In Sight?

"Better for the environment" is not much of a selling point – not when it comes to cars. Last year, Nielsen's global consumer survey found that a majority of...


23rd February 2015

The Green Mile

After travelling hundreds or thousands of miles by planes, trains, boats, and trucks, cargo can get stuck in city traffic. Advances in connectivity aim to solve this problem and...


20th February 2015

Weekly Brief: U.S. Senators drive legislation for automotive cyber security

In this week’s Brief: BMW, OnStar, U.S. Senator Ed Markey, NHTSA, FTC, Volvo, Google, Audi, Chicago Auto Show, Acura, Apple, Toyota, Oculus, Goodyear and Ford. If you’ve tuned out...