6th July 2021

Weekly Brief: Cheap, Clean Lithium is Key to BEV Success

A fire erupted on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico last week, as a gas leak from an underwater pipeline operated by Mexican oil company Pemex fueled the...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


5th July 2021

EV Batteries Improve but Sustainability Lags

Batteries, as a key component of electric mobility, are not just a standard product but rather an integral component of the vehicle architecture. In addition to continuous improvement of...


2nd July 2021

Auto Experts Plead for ICE in Battle Against Global Warming

A growing number of players in the automotive industry are making the case for the pivotal role of next-generation ICE technology in the drive against global warming. Some even...

By Andrew Williams


1st July 2021

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Market-Ready BEV Heavy Duty Truck

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has unveiled its first market-ready BEV heavy-duty truck for short range deliveries. The eActros is planned to roll off the production line in Wörth am Rhein in...


23rd June 2021

Industry Voices: ADAS and Mobility Need Consistent Metrics for LiDAR

Sponsored Content Aravind Ratnam leads product at Sense Photonics. He is a technology and business strategy leader with a deep market expertise in automotive LiDAR. His career has spanned...


8th June 2021

New Research Explores the Automotive HMI Market in China

Understanding Car HMI specifics in China


18th May 2021

Addressing Electronics Reliability in Safety-Critical Automotive Systems

With increasing demands being placed on modern automotive electronic systems (including standard automotive electronics modules as well as electrified and ADAS/AV systems), it is imperative that engineers meet a...


7th April 2021

Auto Inspire Interview: Joann Jung, Lucid Motors

Sponsored Content Lucid Motors’ Joann Jung is enjoying a stellar automotive design career using a fascination with 3D shapes and sculpture that started with Legos.  


22nd March 2021

The World’s Safest In-Car Ecosystem

Discover the in-cabin sensor that's reducing complexity and cost, while making high-end safety available to all vehicle models.


19th March 2021

4D Imaging Radar: Addressing the Rising Complexity and Cost of Automotive Safety

The automotive industry is facing the challenge of rising safety standards and the growing complexity and cost that comes with them. Safety improvements traditionally require the deployment of numerous...

24th February 2021

Hybrid Radio – Cellular and Broadcast Combined Win the Dash

This paper examines the nascent hybrid radio market from an automotive industry perspective, to understand the drivers of both the technical and commercial development. It identifies the current state...

8th February 2021

Enterprise Machine Learning Guide

Transform your enterprise with machine learning. Enterprises feel the pressing need to embrace machine learning, but may face challenges unique to their organizations and industries. Successful adoption requires the...