11th November 2021

Scania Goes Logging with New 80-ton BEV Truck

Truck maker Scania has created what it claims to be the world’s first BEV timber truck able to haul up to 80 metric tons of lumber. The vehicle, developed...


8th November 2021

Human Horizons Unveils ‘Digital’ UX GT Concept

Chinese premium automaker, Human Horizons, has announced its latest BEV concept aimed at creating a digital experience for consumers. The vehicle, called Digital GT- HiPhi Z, is a 95%...


5th November 2021

Daimler Accused of Diesel Cheat Device Software

Environmental activists are claiming new evidence that German automaker Daimler has been using illegal emissions “defeat devices” embedded in vehicle software. The lobby group Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) claims its...


4th November 2021

Hyundai Snaps Ahead of Latest BEV Debut

Hyundai has released the first official detail images of its latest BEV SUV concept, the Seven, to be unveiled at AutoMobility LA later this month. It says the vehicle...


3rd November 2021

Volvo Admits BEVs Need Clean Energy Investment to be ‘Green’

Volvo has said world leaders must make huge investments in clean energy production if they want to see BEVs play a proper role in fighting climate change. That’s because...

3rd November 2021

Ignoring Green ICE Fuels Could be ‘Barking Mad’

With the march towards decarbonization, Automotive Tech Week Europe asked in September as part of a fireside chat, whether governments and industry are ‘Barking up the Wrong Tree’. As...

By Graham Jarvis

2nd November 2021

Mahle Claims Advance in Fuel Cell Cooling

Mahle says it has developed a ceramic coating for hydrogen fuel cell coolers that claims to greatly extend the service life of units. The company says the internal coating...


2nd November 2021

ICE and PHEV Headline Refreshed Audi A8 Line-Up

ICE and plug-in hybrid powertrains are the headline grabbers of the refreshed mild hybrid supported Audi A8 range. For while a powerful V8 leads the pack in the range...


1st November 2021

Weekly Brief: Sticking to ICE Guns May Shoot Toyota in the Foot

The largest carmaker in the world is finally ready for its first all-electric vehicle. Toyota unveiled the bZ4X last week, an all-electric SUV jointly developed with Subaru. It will...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve

29th October 2021

Toyota Hives Off First BEV into new Sub-Brand

Toyota has unveiled its first consumer-focused BEV while launching its zero emission sub-brand bZ. The SUV bZ4X, due to reach European markets by the year’s end, spearheads its new...


28th October 2021

Most Automotive Leaders Back Hydrogen over BEV, Study Claims

Most automaker executives at director level believe hydrogen fueled vehicles would be better at combating climate change that BEVs. The study run by automotive technology management consultants, Expleo, is...


27th October 2021

UK Consumers Climate Concerned but Shy on EVs

Ford’s latest European study into attitudes towards EVs reveals that UK adults are the most concerned about having a global strategy to combat climate change. Perversely, respondents in Norway,...