8th April 2020

Automotive OEM Plants Update: Dates for Plant Openings, Closings Worldwide

GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest audio interview, “Automotive OEM Plants Update: Dates for Plant Openings, Closings Worldwide” https://globalautoindustry.com/automotive-oem-plants-update-dates-for-plant-openings-closings-worldwide/ features Thomas Kowal. He is vice-president of business development of Seraph, a US management...


30th March 2020

Weekly Brief: Carmakers’ Switch to Respirator Production Gives Us All Hope

A week after shutting down their manufacturing operations owing to the coronavirus pandemic, many carmakers found themselves planning to re-open their factories last week. However, this time they plan...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve

27th March 2020

Hyundai First Roof Air Bag Nears Market Readiness

Hyundai claims it is near to bringing the world’s first roofline passenger airbag system to market. Its standalone component supply company, Hyundai Mobis, is now engaged in production assessments...


24th March 2020

Hyundai’s Radar to Protect ‘Forgotten Kids’

Hyundai’s component producer claims to have developed a radar system that could end the risk of children being left forgotten in the back of cars. There have been several...


18th March 2020

Immersion Batteries Explored for Extreme BEV Performance

Immersing lithium-ion batteries in cooling material is being considered a solution to moderating temperature in high-performance BEVs. The report from technology analyst IDTechEx Thermal Management for Electric Vehicles 2020-2030...


16th March 2020

Ford Tech to Avoid Roadside Ditches

There maybe many of us who have experience of Ray LaMontagne’s Jolene lyrics ‘I found myself face down in a ditch…’ Well, now Ford says it has new technology...


6th March 2020

Seat’s AI to Wake Sleepy Drivers

Spanish automaker Seat is working on an AI driven driver monitoring system to combat driver fatigue and improve road safety. Its innovation research Xplora team, in conjunction with Eyesight...


28th February 2020

Concept’s LiDAR Shows Fins Aren’t What They Used to Be!

Sportcar manufacturer Apex has published a sneak peek at its upcoming concept with the added detail that it LiDAR array is buried in a Formula One style roof fin....


26th February 2020

Bentley to Reveal Second Two-Seater in 90 Years

Bentley will unveil only its second two-seat sportscar since 1930 at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show having published a teasing picture of the car’s interior trim. The Bacalar is...


24th February 2020

Auto Tech Leaves a Third of UK Consumers Confused

A third of UK car owners do not use or understand the advanced technologies available in their modern connected vehicles. That’s the finding of a study commissioned by The...

21st February 2020

Sportscar Concept Offers Track Day Junkies Cockpit AR Instructor

A specialist sportscar maker is promising to install performance enhancing gamification into its BEV supercar. Track-day addicts could get the chance to experience in-cabin augmented reality (AR) to help...


4th February 2020

Hyundai Active Cabin Noise Reduction Looks to AV Future

Hyundai is exploring new ways of cancelling noise as a nod to the future of more automated driving where vehicle sounds could mar the in-cabin experience. The Korean automaker...