20th January 2022

Mahle Claims Carbon Neutral Production in Germany

Automotive supply giant Mahle claims all of its production facilities in German homeland have achieved carbon neutrality. It reached the milestone by the end of 2021 as part of...


19th January 2022

Globally, Who Decides the Future of Connected Vehicles?

Sponsored Content GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest audio interview https://globalautoindustry.com/globally-who-decides-the-future-of-connected-vehicles/ features Matt Jones. Mr. Jones is Director of Global Technology Strategy at Ford Motor Company.  With nearly 20 years of experience in...


17th January 2022

Industry Voices: What can Blockchain do for the Automotive Industry?

Opinion piece by Jonas Lundqvist, CEO at Haidrun. Ask people about blockchain and most will associate it with Bitcoin, crypto currencies and data mining. Of course, they are not...


12th January 2022

Michelin Claims Top Eco Honors in Euro Tire Tests

With environmentalists becoming increasingly concerned over non-tailgate vehicle emissions, Michelin is claiming top honors in an European mass test of tire particulates. The French brand claims the leader spot...


11th January 2022

Mexico’s Customs Challenges: The IMMEX Program

GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest audio interview https://globalautoindustry.com/mexicos-customs-challenges-what-suppliers-must-know-about-the-immex-program/ features America Pineda. Ms. Pineda is Global Trade Compliance Manager at Intermex Industrial Parks. She has 18 years of experience in customs compliance, and...


10th January 2022

Weekly Brief: Fewer People but Just as Many Cars at CES 2022

The crowds stayed home but the cars showed up. Most media coverage in the build-up to CES 2022 focused on which big-name presenters had pulled out owing to the...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


3rd January 2022

Weekly Brief: Another Year, Another Challenge for the Auto Industry

Iconic actress and comedian Betty White died on New Year’s Eve at the age of 99, two weeks shy of her 100th birthday. White was a television pioneer and...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


23rd December 2021

Hyundai Expands or Replaces Human Reach at CES?

Hyundai will present its future mobility vision “Expanding Human Reach” vision at CES 2022 with the irony being a focus on robotics and the metaverse. In what some may...


14th December 2021

India’s Export Trade Controls: Automotive Sector

Sponsored Content GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest audio interview https://globalautoindustry.com/indias-export-trade-controls-automotive-sector/ features Krishna Barad.  Mr. Barad is Partner with the Indirect Tax practice of BDO India, with a special focus on Customs & International...


7th December 2021

The UK Automotive Industry & Supply Chain: Post-Brexit

Sponsored Content GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest audio interview https://globalautoindustry.com/the-uk-automotive-industry-and-supply-chain-post-brexit/ features Oliver Bridge.  Mr. Bridge leads Grant Thornton’s global automotive team, and is Head of Operational Consulting, Business Consulting, Grant Thornton UK. ...


6th December 2021

Weekly Brief: Automotive About to Lose its Grip on Reality?

Cryptocurrency is either a joke or the future of money depending on your perspective. In the automotive industry, only Tesla has dabbled with accepting cryptocurrency for payment of vehicles...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


3rd December 2021

BEV Fixated Auto Industry Ignoring Tire Emissions

With a blinkered focus on tail-pipe emissions driving the rush towards BEVs, the industry is ignoring micro-plastic emissions from tires that can exceed ICE powertrain emissions. That’s the message...