26th September 2018

‘Nursing’ Toyota Robot to be Unveiled

Carmaker Toyota will unveil a robot that can ‘nurse’ a human patient aimed at the infirm and elderly. It will demonstrate the Human Support Robot (HSR) at IROS, the...

Paul Myles


14th September 2018

Nvidia Releases Drive AGX Autonomous Vehicle Dev Kit

Nvidia has opened up its Drive AGX development kit and announced a partnership with Izusu to advance autonomous truck technology.


11th September 2018

UK Government Announcing Green Auto Tech Investment

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is announcing a program of investment in green automotive technology at the country’s inaugural Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) summit. She is using the event...


22nd August 2018

WaveSense GPR Technology Scans the Road Beneath the Vehicle

A start-up founded by MIT graduates focuses on the ground beneath the vehicle with a radar system that helps avoid obstacles and stay on the path. WaveSense announced the...


9th August 2018

StreetDrone Gets Hong Kong AV Program Contract

Autonomous vehicle maker StreetDrone has exported a vehicle to Hong Kong for use in an autonomous vehicle technology program. The Oxford company sent a StreetDrone ONE to the Hong...


8th August 2018

Tesla Privatization Probably Wouldn’t Affect Its Cars or Technology

If CEO Elon Musk follows through on an audacious plan to take Tesla private, the move will likely not change the company's plans for autonomous vehicles or other projects.


19th July 2018

Aston Martin Volante Vision Concept Looks to Rise Above the Competition

Personal air mobility may still seem like science fiction to most, but that hasn't stopped Aston Martin from putting a luxury spin on the concept with the newly unveiled...


10th July 2018

Baidu Inks Deals With BMW & Suning for AV Development

BMW and Suning, a Chinese retail giant, are looking to push self-driving vehicle technology to the next level through different partnerships with Baidu.


26th June 2018

Toyota Invests in CARLA Open Source AV Simulator Project

The Toyota Research institute had invested a modest $100,000 in CARLA, an open source simulation project that can help in the development of autonomous vehicles.


13th June 2018

Huawei’s OceanConnect IoV Platform Debuts at CEBIT

Huawei's OceanConnect IoV Platform, aimed at global automobile manufacturers, promises to speed the digitization of vehicles. The company took the wraps off at CEBIT in Germany this week.


31st May 2018

Meet the Mobility VC Who Doesn’t Own a Car

In 2017, mobility startups in Israel raised over $800 million in venture capital funds. Here's how one firm sees the future of connected cars.



21st May 2018

OEMs Need Software Partners as Connectivity Demands Grow

Connected cars are not only seen as cool, they are essential to the future of transportation -- and automakers need software partners for a market edge, according to one...