3rd May 2019

Carmakers Must Hunt For Autonomous Innovators, Says Toyota

Toyota’s US investment arm has created a $100M war-chest in its hunt for innovators to in AI related driverless and robotics technology. The Silicon Valley venture capital firm, Toyota...


11th April 2019

Porsche Ramps Up Its Innovation Strategy

When you think of innovation, Porsche may not be the first car company that comes to mind. The 88-year-old company, which has its less than auspicious roots in the...


5th April 2019

Hyundai Opens Berlin Innovation Investment Center

Hyundai has opened its third global innovation investment center this time in Berlin, following similar hubs in Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, Israel. The hub, named Cradle Berlin, will...

By Phil Oakley


22nd March 2019

Renault Picks Nissan’s Pocket With Large Scale V2G Pilot

Renault has taken a ‘leaf’ out of its Alliance sibling Nissan’s strategy book with the launch of what it claims to be the world’s largest vehicle-to-grid technology (V2G) pilot....

By Phil Oakley


7th February 2019

Faster Forward: Blurring the Lines Between Car, Smartphone & Wallet

Sponsored Content For now, the in-vehicle user experience lags far behind the smartphone but companies like SiriusXM are working to ensure a more seamless interface between handset and car,...


29th January 2019

Faster Fordward: Consumer Telematics Show 2019

TU-Automotive's Consumer Telematics Show was the center of the big debates.

TU-Automotive Video


28th January 2019

Citroën Uses AR in Facebook Marketing for C5 Aircross

Citroën is among the first of the carmakers to make a practical use of augmented reality (AR) by using it as a marketing tool. The French car brand is...

16th January 2019

Faster Forward: Israel’s Lively Mobility Sector on Display at CES

At the 2009 CES expo, several Israeli startups showed off their mobility technology for the auto market.

TU-Auto Video


10th January 2019

Baidu’s OpenEdge Platform Could Speed Development of Autonomous Applications

Open source platforms such as Baidu's OpenEdge can help reduce the update cycles for many products, especially those for autonomous and connected vehicles.


11th December 2018

Autoware Foundation Focusing on Open Source AV Development

The Autoware Foundation will base its open source self-driving vehicle software on ROS 2. LG and Huawei are among its members behind this effort.


27th November 2018

Mobileye Taps AWS for the Lifeblood of AVs: Cloud Computing

At the AWS reinvent show in Las Vegas, Mobileye is tapping into the company's cloud computing resources to create new autonomous vehicle technology.


19th November 2018

The Disrupters: EVgo Jolting the Charging Network Business

Industry insiders, analysts and consumers agree that the growing proliferation of electric vehicle charging stations will encourage more consumers to buy EVs. The lack of infrastructure remains an oft-cited...

By Robert Gray