18th November 2019

Your Winning Ways with TU-Automotive

Everyone loves a winner, so it’s little surprise we’ve enjoyed a wealth of supportive responses to TU-Automotive winning the 2019 Folio: Eddie Award for Best B2B Website for Technology....


14th November 2019

Dynamic Grille to Cool Hyundai’s Concept Powertrain

Active grilles are nothing new except Hyundai’s Vision PHEV concept uses its version differently to existing systems. Instead of opening and closing grille apertures to just improve aerodynamics at...


11th November 2019

Hyundai Claims Breakthrough to Enhance In-Car UX

Hyundai is claiming its road-noise cancelling technology can halve in-car sound and could pave the way to a “near silent” user experience, seen as vital ahead of full autonomous...


12th September 2019

25 Year EV Battery Created by Tesla Researchers

Researchers affiliated with Tesla have discovered a way to make lithium-ion batteries that could see them last a million miles or more. The researchers, from Dalhousie University in Canada,...


16th August 2019

Lifecycle Analytics for the Automotive Supply Chain

Optimal+ is applying its algorithms to make the production processes more reliable for automakers and safer for drivers. This interview was recorded at the EcoMotion mobility event in Tel...


13th August 2019

Computer Vision Platform Assesses Vehicle Damage with Any Camera

Ravin AI has developed software that can assess and record vehicle body damage with any camera, including smartphones and CCTV that claims a transformation of operations for insurance providers,...


26th July 2019

Tires Latest Source of EV Power

Vehicle tires could be the latest source of energy generation to boost range and performance of electrified powertrains. Engineers for Japanese tire giant, Sumitomo Rubber Industries, have teamed up...


15th July 2019

Seat’s Gearbox Points Way to Auto Tech Innovation

Seat will be supplying gearboxes across the Volkswagen family’s brands in a move that points the way automotive technology innovation should be going. VW announced this week that Seat...


9th July 2019

Faster Forward: Explaining Israel’s Technology “Halo Effect”

Israel is a small country with significant transportation issues and a history of large-scale tech project failures. Yet, it has emerged as a hub of innovation for new mobility...


8th July 2019

Auto Tech Leaders Use Goodwood to Break Records

In the cathedral to automotive performance that is the Goodwood Festival of Speed both electrified and autonomous vehicles sat loud and proud. No more consigned to some distant backwater...


3rd July 2019

Driverless Simulation Could Help Formulate Regulations, Says Uber

Autonomous vehicle simulation could take a major role in modelling suitable regulation of the technology, Stephen Lesh, head of hardware engineering and vehicle programs for Uber ATG told us...


14th June 2019

Ford Joins Race for Israel Auto Tech

Ford is the latest carmaker hoping to mine the automotive technology talent burgeoning in Israel with the opening of a new research center in Tel Aviv. Alliance partners Renault...