13th October 2020

China Automotive Industry and New Automotive Technologies Update

Sponsored Content GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest audio interview https://globalautoindustry.com/china-automotive-industry-and-new-automotive-technologies-update/ features Bill Russo.  Bill is founder and CEO of China’s Automobility.  He is the world’s leading global expert on the development of...


6th October 2020

OEMs Address Global & Regional Differences of In-Vehicle Entertainment

Sponsored Content GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest audio interview https://globalautoindustry.com/oems-address-global-and-regional-differences-of-in-vehicle-entertainment/ features Nils Wollny.  Nils is CEO and co-founder of holoride, a spin-out from Audi focusing on the next generation of in-car entertainment....


30th September 2020

What’s Effecting Change on US Transportation Public Policy?

Sponsored Content GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest audio interview https://globalautoindustry.com/whats-effecting-change-on-u-s-transportation-public-policy/  features Regina Hopper.  Regina is Chief Strategy Officer for The NEXT Education. Career spans work in the fields of transportation, telecommunications, energy,...


23rd September 2020

Seven Keys to Communicating in the Brazil Automotive Industry

Sponsored Content GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest audio interview https://globalautoindustry.com/the-7-keys-to-communicating-in-the-brazil-automotive-industry/ features Dr. Orlando Kelm. Dr Kelm is an Associate Professor of Hispanic Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin where he...


10th September 2020

GM Wireless Battery Management Step Towards Wireless Charging?

General Motors is taking the plunge into committing all of its future BEVs to host wireless battery management capabilities. The move does, however, raise the specter of this being...


2nd September 2020

HiPhi’s Covid Car with Touch-Free Access

Chinese automaker Human Horizons is developing a touch-free car entry system for its sub-brand HiPhi’s latest luxury BEV hoping to ease pandemic transference concerns. The touch-free ‘NT Door’ system...


1st September 2020

IoT in the Global Automotive Industry

Sponsored Content GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest audio interview https://globalautoindustry.com/the-internet-of-things-in-the-global-automotive-industry/ features Bruce Belzowski.  Mr. Belzowski is Managing Director of the Automotive Futures Research Group in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He began his career...


28th August 2020

Fintech’s Revenue Lessons for the Automaker

The pandemic lockdowns have seen merchants scrambling to find ways to let people buy and pick up food and products without getting out of the car. Yet some brands...

By Susan Kuchinskas


21st August 2020

Ford Peers Into Digital Accident Crystal Ball

Ford hopes new connectivity potentials could help its vehicles predict when there could be an accident and then avoid it. The automaker leads a consortium developing a predictive road...


19th August 2020

How to Support Business Travelers and Employees In the New Normal

Sponsored Content GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest audio interview https://globalautoindustry.com/how-to-support-international-business-travelers-and-employees-on-assignment-in-the-new-normal/ features Lynn Greenberg. Ms. Greenberg is the Founder and CEO of Pivt, the mobile app designed to reduce churn and improve the...


10th August 2020

Weekly Brief: Levandowski – Once Upon Today in America

Former Waymo and Uber self-driving car-whiz kid, Anthony Levandowski was sentenced last week to 18 months in federal prison for stealing trade secrets. Levandowski will also pay a $95,000...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


23rd July 2020

Industry Voices: Hardware Will Ease Transition to Electrification

Close cooperation between manufacturer and supplier is a must, particularly as the requirements at a component level can be entirely different for electric or hybrid vehicles, writes Andreas Minatti....