24th February 2020

Auto Tech Leaves a Third of UK Consumers Confused

A third of UK car owners do not use or understand the advanced technologies available in their modern connected vehicles. That’s the finding of a study commissioned by The...

21st February 2020

Sportscar Concept Offers Track Day Junkies Cockpit AR Instructor

A specialist sportscar maker is promising to install performance enhancing gamification into its BEV supercar. Track-day addicts could get the chance to experience in-cabin augmented reality (AR) to help...


4th February 2020

Hyundai Active Cabin Noise Reduction Looks to AV Future

Hyundai is exploring new ways of cancelling noise as a nod to the future of more automated driving where vehicle sounds could mar the in-cabin experience. The Korean automaker...


31st January 2020

Airbags for E-Scooters in Production Tests

In a bid to stem the growing cases of injuries suffered by e-scooter riders, a safety specialist manufacturer is testing the first airbag system for the vehicles. Autoliv has...


21st January 2020

IoT Sensors Begin European Vehicle Congestion Count

A collaborative move with residents to use IoT connected sensors to count cars has been announced for five European cities in a bid to cut pollution. Sensors made by...


17th January 2020

VW Explores Voice Controlled Vehicle Functions

Volkswagen is leading the move to enabling vehicle functions to be taken over by voice assistants raising the possibility of the technology having a mission critical role in future....


16th January 2020

Wrapping Up at CES – Multimodal Mobility Takes Center Stage

Sponsored Content CES becomes a mobility show as companies large and small showcase convergent technologies that can be used to transform current and future transport solutions.


14th January 2020

Game Changing Residential Compact Bi-Directional Charger

Wallbox, a European start-up introduces patented compact bi-directional charger for the home.


18th December 2019

Hyundai-Kia Demo VR Car Production Capability

Brand partners Hyundai and Kia have demonstrated the first virtual reality (VR) design evaluation system that could transform the way future cars are built. The new system, introduced to...


28th November 2019

Oxford Claims First Pop-Up Street EV Chargers

The university city of Oxford is claiming to have the world’s first working installations of retractable street EV chargers. Developers hope that the system will spread throughout the city...


19th November 2019

VW Facing Court Battle Accused of Squeezing Suppliers

Volkswagen is facing an antitrust lawsuit claiming small suppliers are being squeezed on pricing brought by a family of US automotive supply companies. The Prevent Group has filed the...


18th November 2019

Your Winning Ways with TU-Automotive

Everyone loves a winner, so it’s little surprise we’ve enjoyed a wealth of supportive responses to TU-Automotive winning the 2019 Folio: Eddie Award for Best B2B Website for Technology....