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22nd May 2018

GDPR May Be Slowing Connected Car Growth

The European Union's GDPR rules could be one factor in the slowdown of connected car sales. Automakers are also still trying to gauge the public's reaction to new technologies....


18th May 2018

Automated Parking Assist Coming Soon to UK Roads

The UK will start letting its drivers use an ADAS platform to remotely park vehicles starting next month, as long as they are in or within 25 feet of...


30th April 2018

2018 Wards 10 Best Interiors: What a concept!

From an array of blazing colours and digital dials that perform multiple functions to an in-floor storage bin that can be used to both measure and preserve caught fish, this...


16th February 2018

Bikers want technology but no loss of control, says BMW

While many features of connected technology are migrating from four wheels to two, there are currently no plans to add autonomous driving to the motorcycle experience. That’s because the...


6th October 2017

Video: Carmakers will depend on a mobility strategy to survive


10th July 2017

Weekly Brief: Volvo begins drive towards full electrification

With one statement, Volvo raised the EV bar for every other carmaker in the world. Andrew Tolve reports. Call it bold or bonkers, reckless or really good business. One...


10th July 2017

Steering wheels may go away but tyres here to stay

Investing in future vehicle technologies is a tricky business but mega-supplier Continental sees rubber tyres rolling confidently into the future even as it invests billions helping automakers develop autonomous...


9th June 2017

Carmakers shifting up from hardware into services

Automakers are facing the biggest disruption to their traditional business model, ever. No longer is selling cars to dealerships and then obtaining aftermarket revenues from servicing and repairs enough....


6th January 2017

Mobility plans are clear in Ford Ka+

Mobility is a key part of Ford’s future strategy and few of its models exemplifies this better than the new super-sized mini, Ford Ka+. This Indian built vehicle that...


14th October 2016

Buses that can ‘run over’ your car!

It’s like a scene from the early Steven Spielberg truck-chase movie, Duel – you’re driving along a motorway when a huge towering bus advances to loom just behind you....


25th July 2016

Weekly Brief: $4.5Bn US government boost to build EV infrastructure

Gas stations are a signature of the American landscape. From abandoned single-pumps to 21st-century mega stations, it’s tough to go a mile in any direction in the US without...


3rd May 2016

Weekly Brief: Beijing Motor Show launches suggest SUVs may revive Chinese auto market

It’s been a rough year for the Chinese auto market. Sedan sales are down 5.3%, minivans have slipped 17.5% and the outlook for mini cars and electric vehicles look...