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4th August 2020

European Automotive Parts Supply Chain Complexity

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Mirko Woitzik.  Mr. Woitzik is Manager EMEA, Risk Intelligence at DHL – Resilience360, and based in Germany.  He is also the...


16th March 2020

Weekly Brief: Virus ‘Silver Lining’ Could End Auto’s Dependency on China

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world with frightening speed, the automotive industry has braced itself for what could be a long and costly disruption to operations. Some...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


28th June 2019

North American Auto Trade to See New Rules of the Road

Patrick Wilson works on trade policy for the US Department of Commerce. At TU-Automotive Detroit 2019 he presented how new rules will have a significant impact on the automotive...


11th June 2019

Berlin App Shows City Authority Ready to Fight for Mobility

Berlin’s public transport body, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) and Trafi, a mobility start-up, have launched an app in a bid to take control of its transport systems. Previously, the various...


17th January 2019

UC Study Recommends Charging EVs for Miles Driven

Electric cars might run cleaner, but road repairs are still paid for by gasoline taxes. Now, a University of California study recommends a fairer way for the state to...

31st October 2018

Illinois Self-Driving Car Push Costs Governor an Endorsement

In Illinois, a push for autonomous vehicles has turned political with a group that advocates for motorcyclists rescinding its endorsement for the state's governor.


Flying Taxis Get UK Government Help
8th October 2018

Flying Taxis Get UK Government Help

The UK government has granted money to its aviation regulator, supporting a project that aims to remove “regulatory barriers” to flying taxis. The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial...


27th September 2018

Uber Commits $10M to Reduce City Traffic

As ride-hailing services multiply and increase traffic in cities, Uber is pushing for a congestion tax that would target its own business interests.


6th September 2018

Auto Infrastructure Depends on Partnerships, Says City Hall

Detroit looking at smart infrastructure and who will pay for it, Garry Bulluck tells Louis Bedigian. Smart infrastructure could be one of the most challenging and costly aspects of...


9th July 2018

Baidu Churns Out Driverless Buses in China, Looks to Japan

China's Baidu is looking to expand its self-driving Apolong bus line both domestically, as well as overseas, with Japan as the next market for the company's autonomous technology.


27th June 2018

Self-Driving Shuttle Service Debuts in Downtown Detroit

A joint venture between real estate firm Bedrock and startup May Mobility will bring autonomous shuttle services to a select area of downtown Detroit.


7th June 2018

GDPR: A Security Headache for Connected Car Makers & OEMs

EU's GDPR is now in full effect but car manufacturers are struggling with these new rules that force them to stop collecting information. In some cases, OEMs are being...