30th November 2020

Upturn Readiness through Multi-Tier Collaboration and Blockchain

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Rick Diefenderfer.  Mr. Diefenderfer has been a Partner with CGN Global since 2012, leading the Supply Chain and Business Transformation Group....


25th November 2020

Virus Boosts Demand for Motorcycles and Scooters, Study Says

A global surge in demand for motorcycles and scooters is expected as a result of the pandemic, a study has revealed. Frost and Sullivan’s analysis, COVID-19 Impact Assessment, Recovery...


24th November 2020

Ford’s Trans-Am Micromobility Fund Unveiled

Ford is launching a Trans-Atlantic fund to study the possibilities of expanding micromobility by partnering with academics in the UK and US. Launched through its e-scooter company, Spin, the...


11th November 2020

Zurich Launch of ViaVan On-Demand Mobility

The Swiss city of Zurich has launched its first on-demand public transport service in league with European mobility specialist ViaVan. Zurich Transport Authority (VBZ) is hoping the service’s vehicles...


29th October 2020

Motorists Happy to Cut Car Travel for Clean Air

Most UK city dwellers would leave their cars at home to improve urban air quality. That’s the claim of the latest survey by transport mobility solution provider Kapsch TrafficCom...


14th October 2020

Saving MaaS Post Pandemic

Disgust. It’s an instinct embedded in our genes since the Paleolithic Age, designed to keep us healthy by making us instinctively avoid contagion. In the age of this pandemic,...

By Susan Kuchinskas


12th October 2020

Weekly Brief: Hyperloopy Hopes at Least Short-Term Job Prospect

Virgin Group boss Richard Branson and West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced last week that Virgin Hyperloop will build a $500M certification center in West Virginia. A former coal...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


25th September 2020

VW to Run Uber Pilot in Berlin

Volkswagen is the latest European automaker to take on a vehicle provision project with Uber in a bid to get more of its BEVs on city streets. Following the...


22nd September 2020

Kia Launches Dealer-Based Mobility Solution in Europe

Kia has joined the automakers’ assault on the personal mobility market by launching its KiaMobility solution in Europe. This dealer-led car user service allows consumers to rent vehicles from...


15th September 2020

Mobility and Transportation Talent for the Automotive Industry

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Elaina Farnsworth.  Ms. Farnsworth is an acclaimed speaker, published writer and thought leader in the autonomous vehicle and Cyber-security industries. She...


3rd September 2020

Enhanced Safety the Way Save MaaS

The global Covid-19 pandemic has left the mobility as a service (MaaS) industry in a precarious position. Many safety-conscious consumers have shunned ride-sharing services, while government imposed travel lockdowns...


24th August 2020

Future of Mobility: Steps to Prepare for New Normal

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Yednesh Parnaik.  Mr. Parnaik is a Global Director at Lear Corporation. He is responsible for driving profitable business growth, strategy and...