5th February 2019

Faster Forward: App Lets You Carpool with People You Know

SoMo is an app built for people who hate ride-sharing with strangers. It’s based on Here’s “mobility marketplace”, an open platform that encourages competition for transportation services. SoMo promises...

TU-Automotive Video


30th January 2019

Chariot Taught Ford a Multi-Million Dollar ‘Lesson’

Ford says it has learned a lesson about mobility solutions, albeit a $65M lesson being the cost of the collapse of its ill-fated Chariot acquisition. The urban ride-sharing scheme,...


28th January 2019

Cameras Taking a Lead Role in Fleet Telematics

Fleet operators have long understood the value of telematics solutions that let them know where vehicles are, how they’re performing, and, more recently, how drivers behave. Adding video cameras...

By Susan Kuchinskas


21st January 2019

Weekly Brief: Detroit Show on Wane But Boasts Ford and VW Alliance

The end is rarely pretty – The North American International Auto Show in Detroit was once a global spectacle. Auto enthusiasts flocked to the event from around the world...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


17th January 2019

UC Study Recommends Charging EVs for Miles Driven

Electric cars might run cleaner, but road repairs are still paid for by gasoline taxes. Now, a University of California study recommends a fairer way for the state to...

16th January 2019

TuSimple Expanding Routes for Self-Driving Trucks

TuSimple is expanding the routes for its fleet of self driving trucks in an effort to quickly help the industry beat low margins and battle declining numbers of drivers.


11th January 2019

Wheels Come Off Ford’s Chariot

Ford has called time on its Chariot urban mobility solution just five years after acquiring the company for $65M. The service, which uses Ford Transit passenger carrying LCVs, operates...


2nd January 2019

Aptiv Gaining Real-World Lessons for Las Vegas Service

For the past several months, Aptiv has offered rides to customers in Las Vegas. Now that the company has expanded its operation, its AV chief explains to TU-Automotive what...


2nd January 2019

Luxury Will Carve Out Niche in Future Mobility

When cars drive themselves, anyone and everyone could have access to a robotic chauffeur. This will turn all human drivers into passengers, allowing them to use their commute to...

By Louis Bedigian


21st December 2018

BMW-Daimler Mobility JVs Approved by US Regulators

BMW and Daimler’s mobility joint ventures have been approved by US antitrust regulators, following their conditional approval by the European Commission’s competition authorities. The ventures are in the “car-sharing,...


20th December 2018

Report: UK MaaS Schemes Need Government’s Support

A committee scrutinizing the UK’s Department for Transport says the government needs to support new mobility-as-a-service platforms. The House of Commons Transport Select Committee’s report says such platforms could...


18th December 2018

Lyft Publishes Mobility Survey Promoting its Services

Lyft surveyed users of a trial program it ran and unsurprisingly found many of them were less interested in owning cars after participating. The Ditch Your Car scheme entailed...