2nd January 2019

Aptiv Gaining Real-World Lessons for Las Vegas Service

For the past several months, Aptiv has offered rides to customers in Las Vegas. Now that the company has expanded its operation, its AV chief explains to TU-Automotive what...


2nd January 2019

Luxury Will Carve Out Niche in Future Mobility

When cars drive themselves, anyone and everyone could have access to a robotic chauffeur. This will turn all human drivers into passengers, allowing them to use their commute to...

By Louis Bedigian


21st December 2018

BMW-Daimler Mobility JVs Approved by US Regulators

BMW and Daimler’s mobility joint ventures have been approved by US antitrust regulators, following their conditional approval by the European Commission’s competition authorities. The ventures are in the “car-sharing,...


20th December 2018

Report: UK MaaS Schemes Need Government’s Support

A committee scrutinizing the UK’s Department for Transport says the government needs to support new mobility-as-a-service platforms. The House of Commons Transport Select Committee’s report says such platforms could...


18th December 2018

Lyft Publishes Mobility Survey Promoting its Services

Lyft surveyed users of a trial program it ran and unsurprisingly found many of them were less interested in owning cars after participating. The Ditch Your Car scheme entailed...


14th December 2018

ELD Pumps Up the Data Stream for Trucking Fleets

In December 2017 the first deadline to comply to the FMCSA rule, the Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) Mandate, was reached. Since then, according to some media reports, the mandate...

By Graham Jarvis

13th December 2018

Bosch Self-Driving Shuttle Tech Aimed at Urban Environments

Bosch is developing systems and components for automating, connecting, and electrifying shuttles for moving passengers through cities.


10th December 2018

Car-Sharing Platform Comes to Denver

A peer-to-peer car-sharing platform is launching its services in Denver, Colorado. Getaround aims to allow car owners to make money from their vehicles via its smartphone app by lending...


7th December 2018

Luxembourg’s Public Transport Fight-Back Against Private MaaS Operators

Luxembourg has thrown down the gauntlet to private mobility-as-a-service providers by making all its public transport free of charge. The move effectively negates most of the incentives for commuting...


6th December 2018

Waymo’s Commercial Ride-Sharing Service: Why It Matters

After much hype, Waymo One, the company's commercial ride-sharing, is here. Here's why it matters.


6th December 2018

Digital Customer Experience Now Key For Automakers

Shopping for a new car used to be a labor of love, or a trip through hell. Some customers enjoyed the trips to multiple showrooms to stroke the flanks...

By Susan Kuchinskas


28th November 2018

Faster Forward Episode 8: Let Your Car Fuel the Gig Economy

Why leave your car in the driveway when it could be out making you money?

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