9th December 2019

Weekly Brief: Waymo One Celebrates Birthday with Apple App Store Launch

Waymo One turned one year old last week, and hardly anyone bothered to notice. It was a stark contrast from Waymo One’s launch a year ago, when it was...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


6th December 2019

Uber US Sex Assault Data Unlikely to Quell Fears

Uber has released data stating its US service suffered nearly 6,000 cases of sexual assaults in 2017 and 2018 including 229 rapes. The figures also show that while the...


4th December 2019

Sky’s the Limit as Hyundai Spells Out Mobility Strategy

Hyundai plans to take to the air by offering a wide range of mobility solutions including personal aircraft. An executive announcement from its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, has...


4th December 2019

Rinspeed to Debut Modular MetroSnap at CES

Rinspeed’s latest modular mobility solution in the ‘Snap’ series is the MetroSnap to be debuted at 2020 CES. The Swiss innovator demonstrated its microSNAP at the Las Vegas show...


25th November 2019

Uber Faces London Expulsion

Uber has seen its license to trade revoked in its most lucrative European market after being labelled as “not fit and proper” to operate in London. The BBC reports...


14th November 2019

Mobility Start-ups Shine in TechStars Detroit Class of 2019

Getting in front of the right people is one of the biggest challenges for any start-up. With a new name and wider focus, Techstars Detroit condenses three years of...

By Susan Kuchinskas


12th November 2019

Moscow Car-Share Bubble Set to Pop

Moscow’s car-sharing trips and fleet had doubled in the first half of 2019. According to the city authorities, 24M car-sharing trips were made, surpassing the total last year’s number....

By Roma Nazarov


25th October 2019

How Automakers Hope to Grow Revenue As Ownership Slides

The numbers of city dwellers are growing globally. As such, the next generation of consumers are looking to alternatives to car ownership forcing automakers to explore various mobility as...


22nd October 2019

VW Gears Up For Its Mobility Future

Volkswagen is ramping up its strategy of smart city collaboration in a bid to extend its future reach into becoming a major provider of mobility solutions. This week it...


10th October 2019

PSA Indian Finance Plans Pushes Citroen Mobility

PSA Group is launching vehicle purchase and lease financing in India to push its Citroën brand mobility options. The plans, “Citroën Finance” and “Citroën Lease”, have been launched in...


17th September 2019

Automakers Keep Mobility Eye on eScooter Revolution

The streets of Los Angeles and many other cities are literally littered with micromobility options including electric scooters, e-bicycles and more. Now a city start-up has joined the pack...

By Robert Gray


23rd August 2019

What MaaS Really Means For Automakers

As with nearly every issue in auto technology, there’s a wide difference of opinions on mobility-as-a-service (MaaS). Some industry professionals and pundits believe it’s the bright, shining future of...

By Eric Volkman