22nd June 2020

Lockdown Sees UK Mobility Take to Two Wheels

Personal mobility has been changed by the pandemic in the UK with 1.3 consumers taking to two wheels since the start of lockdown. Almost five per cent of the...


12th June 2020

Uber’s Motorcycle Ride-Share Eyes Turn to Africa

African electric motorcycle manufacturers have become excited over potential new investment following Uber’s expansion of its digital wallet along with an expression of interest in the continent’s burgeoning bike...


26th May 2020

Weekly Brief: Mobility Companies Suffer as Digital Giants Look On

Rental car goliath Hertz filed for bankruptcy last week, laying blame on a “frozen” rental car market that has left its core business in tatters. Hertz plans to restructure...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


20th May 2020

Post-Virus Opportunities for Mobility Providers

The COVID-19 pandemic has had many disastrous effects on the automotive industry with forced carmakers closing plants, public transport laying idle and ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft seeing...


15th May 2020

Car Ownership May Rise as Commuters Shun Public Transport

Two UK surveys suggest that urban commuters could turn back to car ownership to avoid virus contagion risks of using public transport post lockdown. A survey by parking rental...


27th April 2020

Weekly Brief: Coronavirus Could Turn Uber Users into Car Owners

The COVID-19 crisis could attract new car owners and be a boon for the automotive industry. That’s according to a new global survey published by Capgemini Research Institute last...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


23rd March 2020

Weekly Brief: Automotive’s Virus Lockdown a Time to Reflect

The threat of a widespread lockdown across the automotive industry turned into a reality last week, as the coronavirus continued to unleash chaos around the world. All major automakers...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


27th February 2020

Ford’s eScooter Service Expands into Europe

Ford’s e-scooter subsidiary, Spin, plans to expand into the burgeoning European market despite growing disquiet over this form of micro-mobility. The move comes hard on the heels of Montreal’s...


26th February 2020

Renault Launches Paris Car-Share Operation

While other automakers are scaling back on their mobility plans, Renault has ramped them up with the launch of a new car-share scheme in Paris. It has teamed up...


21st February 2020

Montreal eScooter Trial Exposes Micro-Mobility Flaw

I will not be the only urban dweller celebrating Montreal’s scrapping of its e-scooter trial citing an “80% delinquency rate” among users. It follows a city-wide outcry over scooters...


11th February 2020

Another Ride-Hail Shark Smells Uber’s London Blood

Smelling blood-in-the-water, app-driven ride-hailing company Ola is launching its service in the UK capital as Uber flounders under the threat of losing its licence. Despite Uber still plying its...


23rd January 2020

VW Expanding European Car-Sharing

While other carmakers back away from car-sharing, there is no sign of cold feet from Volkswagen which has announced expansion plans for its WeShare scheme. German Rivals BMW and...