16th July 2019

Data Can Lead to Self-Policing Cars, Says Ford

Drunk, reckless and distracted driving are some of the leading causes of accidents. Just don’t expect police to look elsewhere after autonomous vehicles head onto the streets. Erratic behavior...

By Louis Bedigian


20th June 2019

Faster Forward: EcoMotion Highlights Israel’s Thriving Mobility Space

Nearly 5,000 visitors traveled to Tel Aviv for EcoMotion Israel, the country’s largest gathering of the mobility ecosystem. From computer vision for autonomous cars to scooter insurance, the selection...


19th June 2019

VW Readies for Car-share EV Fleet Launch

Volkswagen is readying its car-sharing platform by ramping up the number of EV chargers in supermarket car parks in Berlin. The carmaker’s WeShare program will launch in the city...


18th June 2019

Car-Share’s Role in Promoting e-Mobility

Electric car sharing will be a testing ground for mobility solutions of the future but the nature of sharing programs raises numerous challenges including vehicle availability and rapid recharging....


12th June 2019

Russian Taxi Crashes Brings Driver Monitoring to Fore

Moscow cabs, including the ones in ride-hailing, caused 25% more serious road accidents in 2018 compared to the previous year, according to the authorities. In an attempt to reverse...

By Roma Nazarov


11th June 2019

Berlin App Shows City Authority Ready to Fight for Mobility

Berlin’s public transport body, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) and Trafi, a mobility start-up, have launched an app in a bid to take control of its transport systems. Previously, the various...


11th June 2019

Surviving in a Changing Mobility Services World

Today municipalities and corporations demand mobility solutions that incorporate all their transit modes – not just specific manufacturers or specific vehicle types. “Existing transportation systems are struggling to keep...

By Graham Jarvis


28th May 2019

Faster Forward: TU-Automotive Detroit 2019 Preview

Next week, Faster Forward will be at TU-Automotive Detroit 2019, June 4-6, one of the world’s largest auto tech and mobility conferences.


23rd May 2019

E-Trike Takes Bite Out of Moscow’s Fast Food Delivery Market

Moscow restaurants are trying a new ‘ideal delivery vehicle’ in the effort to speed up deliveries in the congested city. Digitalization of restaurant ordering has sent Russia’s food delivery...

By Roma Nazarov


20th May 2019

Bolt Nano is New Player in Urban BEV Micro-Mobility

A new player has joined the micro-car urban BEV mobility race to take on the big players including Renault and Seat. US company Bolt Mobility has unveiled its Bolt...


13th May 2019

Weekly Brief: Uber’s IPO Highlights Concerns Over Driverless Tech Prospects

It was meant to be a foregone conclusion the way last week would go. Uber, the father of the gig economy, the pioneer of ride-sharing and the most famous...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


2nd May 2019

Vehicles Must Be Designed For Urban Car-Sharing, Says Citroën

Car-sharing of many different types of vehicles will be part of future ambitions to reduce city center congestion, according to French carmaker Citroën. That drive towards exploring the sort...