23rd February 2018

Integration-as-a-service is a now a supplier’s role, says Continental

First Tier suppliers will have to provide a much broader service to carmakers than just components in an ever more complex technological landscape. That’s the opinion of Frank Jourdan,...


12th February 2018

Weekly Brief: Waymo and Uber settle cyber-theft lawsuit

Waymo had Uber by the jugular. Now they’re best friends again. Andrew Tolve reports. Well that was anticlimactic. Uber and Waymo, after dragging each other through the mud for...


27th October 2017

Lyft and Uber squaring up for robo-cab domination

The ever-accelerating drive to full autonomy has received a fresh boost from the ride-hailing world when Lyft announced the opening of its a research centre dedicated to the technology....


23rd October 2017

Weekly Brief: Lyft and Grab invest billions to take Uber down

Uber’s rivals are smelling blood in the water and injecting fresh billions to seize the momentum. Andrew Tolve reports. Talk about kicking a man when he’s down. With Uber...


25th September 2017

Weekly Brief: London switches off hire lamp light on Uber

Uber could lose its toehold in one of the most important capital cities in the world. Andrew Tolve reports. London’s transport authority, Transport for London, dropped the axe on...


24th July 2017

Weekly Brief: Lyft self-driving division closes gap with Uber

Lyft wakes up to the fact that it needs its own self-driving tech to compete in the future of ridesharing. Andrew Tolve reports. Six months of scandals, dustups and...


26th June 2017

Weekly Brief: Uber’s problems could spark ride-hailing customer grab

Plagued by scandals and a leadership vacuum, Uber has opened the door for other carmakers and tech companies. Andrew Tolve reports. Travis Kalanick, the hard-charging founder and CEO of...


19th May 2017

No odds offered on choosing best mobility solution

These are exciting times for ADAS and autonomous driving solutions but they are by no means easy ones for the manufacturers involved. That’s because the assisted/automated driving categories, even...


5th May 2017

Automotive mobility depends on ‘smart’ machines

Automakers, start-ups and suppliers are eager to discuss the importance of technology, but they aren’t always in agreement with regard to how it should be used. Artificial intelligence is...


13th April 2017

Ford’s design led by mobility and driverless tech

As the consumer’s mobility demands change from car-ownership to car-sharing, automaker designers are having to completely rethink what the car of the future will look like. Speaking exclusively to...


24th March 2017

Experts envision more ride sharing, fewer drivers

Top transportation experts in the US say they see rapid change in transportation resulting from three major technology revolutions – shared, electric and automated vehicles. The 40 policymakers, researchers...


10th March 2017

Winners and losers among connected car technologies

As discussions relating to spectrums and vehicle-based wireless connectivity heat up, organisations around the world continue to investigate the relative merits of potential supporting infrastructure technology.  So, what are...