21st April 2017

Hybrid DCT, torque-vectoring EV in Magna product plan

From a 7-speed Getrag dual-clutch hybrid-electric transmission to a 3-motor electric-axle layout enabling torque vectoring and improved dynamic handling for battery-powered cars, Magna’s powertrain division is preparing for the...


31st March 2017

Magna connects with disconnecting axles

Consumers in certain regions love vehicles with 4- and all-wheel drive, and environmental regulators around the world are hounding automakers for more fuel-efficient vehicles. It was only a matter...


24th March 2017

PSA Group see mobility as all about sharing

Sharing and promoting competitors’ mobility services is the PSA Group’s strategy in a bid to become a major player in urban transport solutions. That’s the way forward to meeting...


17th March 2017

Research seeks to turn waste engine heat into power

The benefit of thermoelectric materials, which convert heat directly into electricity, is partly lost because of their low conversion yield, experts argue, and when thermoelectric generators try to capture...


15th March 2017

Tested: Range Rover Evoque HSE Dynamic Lux

In keeping with Range Rover’s most ‘life-style’ focus model, the Evoque HSE Dynamic Lux features one of the most advanced connectivity suites available on a mass market vehicle today....


13th March 2017

Weekly Brief: Hypercars upstaged by tech at the Geneva Motor Show

This year’s show featured 150 car debuts, from supercars to swanky all electric concepts. Andrew Tolve reports. Supercars hogged the headlines last week at the Geneva Motor Show, more...


20th January 2017

The Big Story: FCVs – hydrogen in the pipeline

More than a decade ago, hydrogen fuel-cell-powered vehicles were seen as the proverbial light at the end of the automotive powertrain tunnel, a remedy for the flaws of the...


5th December 2016

Weekly Brief: VW launches Moia as ‘mobility’ brand

German carmaker’s assault on mobility market begins with its 13th standalone bonnet badge while European manufacturers join forces to invest in EV infrastructure. Paul Myles and Andrew Tolve report....


2nd December 2016

Ford German lab brings global weather under one roof

If you don’t like the weather in Cologne, Germany, you won’t have to wait five minutes for it to change. Just flick a switch. Ford’s weather factory, now under...


18th November 2016

The Big Story: lightweighting innovations

Since the earliest days of the automobile, engineers have liked making big plays with materials. As time goes on, their dreams just seem to get bigger. General Motorslaunched fleets...


11th November 2016

Active market for active grilles

Active grilles that open to let in air to cool the engine when needed and close at cruising speeds to reduce aerodynamic drag are in high demand and growing...


7th November 2016

Weekly Brief: Nationwide US EV charging corridors announced

For all their environmental benefits, electric vehicles (EVs) still have one major drawback – they can't go very far. Sure, the top models now can eek out a range...