3rd July 2017

Weekly Brief: VW to make V2V standard on first models in 2019

The waters continue to rise in the V2V revolution. Will VW’s deployment break the dam? Andrew Tolve reports. If the dream of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications comes...


30th June 2017

Study defends green credentials of EVs, PHEVs

Claims that electric vehicles won’t help reduce harmful emissions are flawed and, instead, evidence suggests EVs can have a major impact on reducing the pollution traced to vehicles used...


16th June 2017

Automaker to techie: ‘C’mon, if you’re hard enough!’

Carmakers should not fear a head-to-head conflict with Silicon Valley giants eyeing up growth potential in the tech-focused auto industry of the future. That’s the firm belief of Paul...


12th June 2017

Weekly Brief: Product and services news from TU-Automotive Detroit 2017

The annual connected car bonanza that is TU-Automotive Detroit is behind us. Andrew Tolve reports on the biggest product announcements from the show. More than 3,300 connected car experts...


8th June 2017

TU-Automotive Detroit 2017: Day One – Ecosystem is the word

Certainly, partnerships have always been central to the automotive industry and they're one of the prime drivers of the TU-Automotive Detroit Conference 2017. The fact that, this year, the...


5th June 2017

Weekly Brief: EV investments ignore Trump’s retreat from climate change agreement

The world doubles down on ‘clean’ energy mobility in the face of Donald Trump wanting to leave Paris Climate Agreement. Andrew Tolve reports. President Donald Trump will pull the...


12th May 2017

Setting the right price for LiDAR mass adoption

Waymo CEO John Krafcik got a huge amount of attention for his announcement at North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) that the Alphabet-owned company had cut the cost of...


28th April 2017

Tough selling EVs when gasoline cheaper than water

Honda’s vision for electrified vehicles of the future must get past the reality that of 17.5 million vehicles sold in the US last year, 16.5M were powered by gasoline,...


28th April 2017

Ford sees auto tech as the new sales pitch

With a plethora of connected car and autonomous technology waiting in the wings to enter mainstream consumer vehicles, there remains the question whether any of it will boost car...


21st April 2017

Hybrid DCT, torque-vectoring EV in Magna product plan

From a 7-speed Getrag dual-clutch hybrid-electric transmission to a 3-motor electric-axle layout enabling torque vectoring and improved dynamic handling for battery-powered cars, Magna’s powertrain division is preparing for the...


31st March 2017

Magna connects with disconnecting axles

Consumers in certain regions love vehicles with 4- and all-wheel drive, and environmental regulators around the world are hounding automakers for more fuel-efficient vehicles. It was only a matter...


24th March 2017

PSA Group see mobility as all about sharing

Sharing and promoting competitors’ mobility services is the PSA Group’s strategy in a bid to become a major player in urban transport solutions. That’s the way forward to meeting...