11th June 2019

Berlin App Shows City Authority Ready to Fight for Mobility

Berlin’s public transport body, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) and Trafi, a mobility start-up, have launched an app in a bid to take control of its transport systems. Previously, the various...


3rd June 2019

Hyundai Beefs up Range with Hybrid Kona

Hyundai is adding a hybrid version of its popular Kona SUV to its lineup, in response to apparent customer demand. The hybrid version of the popular crossover features 1.6...


31st May 2019

Audi Targets Fleet Management With AI Partnership

Audi appears to be ramping up involvement in commercial fleets in partnership with an AI start-up. The German automaker has signed an agreement with Tel Aviv-based start-up Fleetonomy to...


16th March 2018

Bose wants to clear up the cabin

Beyond the radio, sound can be emitted from a variety of sources in modern vehicles, including navigation and advanced-driver-assist safety systems. It also can come from drivers and passengers...


13th March 2018

Weekly Brief: Jaguar leads the way as EVs dominate Geneva

A look back at the highlights from the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Andrew Tolve reports. Internal combustion engine powered vehicles may dominate car sales in Europe but you wouldn’t...


19th February 2018

Weekly Brief: Latest Tesla production delay tries customer patience

Who cares about a Roadster in outer space if Tesla can’t ever ramp up production levels? Andrew Tolve reports. Two weeks ago Elon Musk’s space technology start-up SpaceX launched...


9th February 2018

World’s biggest economy poses EV challenge

Most of the world’s top carmakers now want to make electric vehicles (EVs) the mode of transport to choose.  The Washington Times reported that a race has begun for...


26th January 2018

Toyota’s interiors affiliate plots profit course

The oldest company in the Toyota conglomerate, older than Toyota Motor itself, is positioning itself to be one of the group’s crown jewels in perpetuity. ToyotaBoshoku, the automaker’s interiors...


12th January 2018

Rinspeed Snap all about POD-sibilities

Forward-thinking companies seem to be coming to the same conclusion about what type of vehicle architecture is best suited for the age of self-driving cars achieving Level 5 autonomy,...


8th December 2017

JLR sticking virtual bonnet badges on the connected car

Connectivity in a car can be an offering that plays to brand image just like any other traditional accessory. That’s the view of Nick Castle customer service director at...


1st December 2017

Confusion is the enemy of mobility technology, says Maven

Range anxiety is one of the most frequently discussed issues surrounding electric vehicles. In addition to the variances among car models – no two EVs offer the same range...


17th November 2017

Infiniti’s variable-compression engine packs punch

Shinichi Kiga cracks a smile as we lead-foot our Infiniti QX50 test mule down the back straightaway here at Nissan’s desert proving grounds. Kiga, Nissan’s chief powertrain engineer-gasoline engine project group,...